The R<THINK way of work

R<THINK environmental software and services is developed by sustainability specialists with more than 30 years of LCA experience. Dutch government policies and regulations ensured the Dutch construction industry was the first industry in the Netherlands to embrace LCA as an environmental management tool.  

As industry leaders, our LCA experts boosted sustainability by updating the comprehensive environmental assessment with latest LCA developments and became one of the founding fathers of the Dutch Nationale Milieudatabase (NMD) and co-developer of LCA Building and Civil Engineering software for the Dutch government (GreenCalc, DuboCalc). 

The combination of knowledge, skills and experiences, including those stemmed from national government advisory projects, makes the construction industry our focus. 
We want to strengthen our position in the market and ensure our R<THINK  software and services stays ahead of others and continue to expand our international network.  

Learning and doing 

To get the most out of your license, an LCA Onboarding & training is mandatory when you sign up for a R<THINK license. Objectives of the LCA Onboarding & training are 

  • Customer participants get an overall understanding of the (political) landscape of LCA/EPD, its standards and regulations and the regional differences between countries.  

  • Moreover customer participants understand the importance of their product specific LCA/EPD, and gain insight how to optimize their environmental impact. 

  • Ultimately, the end result is a customer specific LCA/EPD for one of their own products, within their own RETHiNK account. During your intake with one of our expert consultant who will guide you 1-on-1 during your onboarding, you can discuss how we can best support you. Clarity about mutual expectations is in our opinion the key to a successful onboarding and a satisfied end result.  

The complete LCA Onboarding & training covers a total of 20 weeks and is a combination of 6 classroom, online presentations with professionals from other industry organizations and 1-on-1 consulting by one of our LCA experts. Given the international nature of the subject, the official language during the 6 online presentations is English. However, the 1-on-1 support by one of our consultants can be provided in both the Dutch and Enligsh language.  

Learning Management System 

We are also working on a Learning Management System (LMS) with several options that can help you achieve the depth of knowledge you want. Our R<THINK LMS will consist of various training modules for specific LCA topics and an (Environmental Expert) knowledge base, which can help you gain more in depth knowledge.  

Professional support  

After mandatory onboarding, our R<THINK Helpdesk provides professional support to licensees for all questions regarding the use of R<THINK. To answer your questions quickly and efficiently all questions should be submitted directly to our R<THINK Helpdesk.  

Our IT department plays a central role when R<THINK licensees experience technical performance problems and/or a critical failure occurs. Such problems are resolved in accordance with the times specified in the User License Agreement (ULA).  
Depending on availability and expertise, all other LCA subject related questions will be forwarded to our R<THINK experts, who will handle your question and inform you accordingly. 
For such professional assistance we charge a consultancy fee according to our applicable hourly rates.  

International network of expertise 

R<THINK  environmental software and services is supported by a network of reliable agents employing qualified LCA experts. Our local agents have relevant and up-to-date knowledge about their local market, competition, emerging trends and developments. By understanding their clients' needs, preferences and challenges they can tailor their services to meet specific demands.  

  • NIBE experts in sustainabiliy, Utrecht, the Netherlands 

  • Kiwa GmbH Germany, Berlin, Germany 

European EPDs 

In addition, Kiwa Ecobility Experts are EPD Program Operator in Germany and approved third party verifier for LCAs created in R<THINK. As member of the ECO Platform, Kiwa Ecobility Experts can easily publish your EPDs in the European ECO Platform database too.  
R<THINK  is a brand name of NIBE B.V. NIBE, in turn, is a participation of Kiwa. Working together on a holistic sustainability oriented approach could generate tremendous added value.  

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