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The R<THINK platform helps businesses of all sizes to efficienlty and cost-effectively enhance their envrionmental data to achieve their sustainability goals. Our solutions process, manage and display client environmental data to provide valuable insights at all times. Complemented by our knowledge and services this makes R<THINK the leading platform for sustainable construction.  

R<THINK environmental software and services are all about Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs). LCA is the core of our business; sustainability reflects the way we do business. 

R<THINK environmental software is developed and maintained by the first generation LCA experts having years of experience in the LCA-field. By comparison with the rest of the European continent, the Netherlands is still leading the way when it comes to environmental data. Especially with its stricter regulations and higher level of awareness. Emerging from our quest to achieve maximum efficiency, we have optimized our R<THINK environmental software wherever possible to reduce manual methods of processing environmental data. 

Sharing sound LCA knowledge 

Thanks to the Dutch proactive approach, our experts possess a solid, professional understanding of environmental data requirements. 
R<THINK distinguishes itself in the market through extensive and comprehensive knowledge of various construction solutions and our profound understanding of our clients' processes. 
Through collaborative teachting methods, R<THINK  develops and shares its knowledge to ensure clients acquire the critical skills needed to conduct LCAs for their organization.  
Our training programs as well are developed by industry-recognized experts who have both a practical and theoretical command of the subject matters they teach.  

Professional support you can rely on 

Our passion extends into our customer services. Our intrinsically motivated R<THINK  professionals strive to provide timely, adequate, and outstanding support that meets the expectations and requirements of our clients. With their expert knowledge it is the responsibility of R<THINK  Professional Support to address any questions clients may have about their LCAs and our R<THINK  environmental software and services. Over the years R<THINK has guided many companies, each with their own production, specific products and applications.   

Our values 


Sustainability is at the core of our operations. The data driven approach of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) forms the foundation of our work. By sharing our knowledge, we make clients aware of the urgency of a construction sector  that operates within the limits of our planet, assisting them in minimizing their environmental footprint to reach their sustainability objectives. We are committed to making a positive impact.


At R<THINK  we embrace and lead change by developing innovative, reliable environmental software and services of the highest quality, employing superior technology to deliver value to our clients. 

We want to strengthen our position in the market, ensuring that our R<THINK  software and services stays ahead of others, and further expanding our international network.  


At R<THINK, we empower our employees to reach their full potential and maintain a healthy balance between their  professional and personal lives. Something that ultimately benefits our organization. 

50,000+ Environmental product calculations


Environmental product calculations
2,500+ Verified EPDs


Verified EPDs
15+ Countries



Our mission & vision

Living within planetary boundaries is our greatest challenge. The planet's boundaries determine the fate of the earth and therefore our fate. Our ambition is to foster a planet-neutral construction sector, ensuring a life for all within planetary boundaries. 

R<THINK  strongly believes that by sharing information and our expertise, we can raise awareness among organizations about the environmental impact of their products.  We are dedicated to educating and guiding our clients to become knowledgeable and skilled experts in performing Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs). 

To think is easy. To act is difficult.  
To act as one thinks is the most difficult of all. 

 By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Our team of pioneers and professionals

R<THINK employs an ideal mix of experienced professionals, each with different areas of expertise, strengths and character. With tremendous passion and dedication we work on smart environmental software, impactful solutions, and excellent services.  

Natural born pioneers and genuine contributors alike are equally eager to share their knowledge and support you to achieve your sustainability ambitions with our cloud based R<THINK  environmental software and services. 

We want to maximize our sustainable impact

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