Wouter Jan van den Berg

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Last updated on 21 jun 2024

Wouter Jan van den Berg

Sustainable ambitions as a source of inspiration

BMI Group is a manufacturer of roofing systems for flat and pitched roofs. The product range includes bitumen and plastic roofing, ceramic and concrete roof tiles, lightweight steel roofing elements. The wishes of customers and clients regarding sustainability and environmental aspects are of great importance to us. Therefore, we invest heavily in sustainable developments for our roofing systems. As a company, we are committed to making sustainability an integral part of our business, thereby reducing our impact on the environment. All our activities are aimed at using no more raw materials and energy than strictly necessary. In doing so, we reduce CO2, the main cause of climate change.

The first LCA study we conducted with NIBE's experts dates back some 10 years, in 2014/2015. Based on the data we provided, the LCA calculation was performed completely externally and encapsulated in a bulky, static report. The tables therein gave us an impression of the environmental burden. The answer to complex, costly, ad hoc, opaque and time-consuming came as the NIBE EPD Tool. Structured, efficient, automated and with relevant information insightful and accessible to users. Since the introduction of the first version, the LCA software has been continuously developed in recent years to build on its success.

BMI Tegalit Aerlox

BMI Tegalit Aerlox

Since then, R<THINK's expertise has further developed environmental software into a professional solution with many new features, improving efficiency, convenience, usability and value. Fortunately, with R<THINK we are not dependent on others, but have full access to our product calculations ourselves, online. Changes in inputs, for example, energy use or switching to a different carrier, are easy to make ourselves, and the consequences of these adjustments are visible in real life. This puts us in control of how to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Easily translated to our EPDs. Because eventually an EPD will be just as common as a Technical Data Sheet or a Material (Safety) Data Sheet. 

Tuborg, Havenpark, Denmark

Tuborg, Havenpark, Denmark

BMI started with R<THINK in the Netherlands, but now the entire organization uses R<THINK software and services with full satisfaction. The cross-border cooperation exceeds our expectations. Through our intensive cooperation with the R<THINK experts, we also understand that we can better prepare for European developments. 

We look forward to a successful and long-term cooperation with R<THINK.

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Determined to continue to lead the way in the sustainable transformation of our industry


As a manufacturer of innovative precast floor systems, VBI offers industrial customization to build the future together with all parties in the chain. Identifying and reducing the environmental impact of our products are key challenges in this regard. We do this with a broad approach through recipe optimization, recycling and reuse.

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Determined to continue to lead the way in the sustainable transformation of our industry