New Construction Product Regulation (CPR) requirements regarding environmental sustainability

The process of integrating new requirements regarding environmental sustainability into The Construction Product Regulation (CPR) has begun. The two product groups 'precast concrete products' and 'structural metallic products' are the forerunners, with other product groups of the CPR following*. Environmental sustainability will be integrated into the requirements of the CPR where an EPD according to EN 15804:A2 will be required in order to determine the essential characteristics to obtain CE mark.

The Construction Products Regulation No 305/2011 provides harmonized rules for marketing of construction related products in the European Union and assesses the performance of said products. The CPR describes the conformity assessment procedures that have to be followed before fire safety products may be placed on the market and how to act when modifications to such products are made. It also describes specific conditions, such as CE marking, Declarations of Performance (to type), Factory Production Control, etc., which manufacturers of construction products and importers who wish to place these products on the EU market, will have to deal with.

To ensure a Single (European) Market and meet EU ambitions towards energy & resource efficient buildings and sustainability of construction products, the nCPR will implement requirements coming from the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan.

Additionally, the scope of the nCPR will significantly be expanded with new products like 3D printed construction products, reused construction products and prefabricated buildings. Under the nCPR the European Commission could set minimal performance standards through Delegated Acts, which is new.

The nCPR will replace and repeal previous Regulations.

Together with the nPCR a separate project is running called the CPR-acquis. This offers a comprehensive, future-oriented, transparent and pro-active process to close the gap between the old mandates and standards (more than 800) and the nCPR. Together it should ensure a well-functioning internal market for construction products that meets the objectives of the European Green Deal.

As a strong partner for the certification of construction products, Kiwa is well prepared to service the new requirements of the CPR. Kiwa is an Accredited and Notified Body for the Construction Products Regulation.