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Productmanager, Brouwer Prefab

Last updated on 24 jun 2024

Peter Koelewijn

R<THINK, efficient and user friendly

In addition to the production of construction site housing, Brouwer focuses with Brouwer Prefab on the production of a unique proprietary praefabricated interior wall system for serial housing construction.

The world around us is constantly changing. Sustainability, smart handling of labor shortages and improved efficiency are important themes for today's construction companies. Those same themes are our guiding principles when designing precast interior walls. Sustainable, faster, lower costs and less waste.

R<THINK, efficient and user friendly

In today's market, an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is essential and a low MKI score is a determining factor for our customers. Thanks to R<THINK, we are able to prepare LCAs ourselves, leading to significant savings in time and costs. Moreover, it provides us with the knowledge needed to make our products more sustainable. This initiates a domino effect in which our suppliers are also encouraged to take sustainable steps.

The R<THINK environmental software is extremely user friendly, but requires the necessary theoretical knowledge. Proactively sharing R<THINK's knowledge and expertise ensures that we further develop and broaden our skills, knowledge and expertise in the field of LCAs. An extremely pleasant and constructive cooperation.

Brouwer is the first Klein Group member to start performing LCAs using R<THINK. But R<THINK provides also opporunities for other companies within the Klein Group, including Rc Panels (facade elements).

5-10 Environmental product calculations


Environmental product calculations
5 Verified EPDs


Verified EPDs
1 Countries



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